Curriculum: Rafael Amorós

Rafael Amorós

He was born in Albaida, Valencia. Very young, he becomes keen on painting, and in 1981, under the artist and friend Francesc Messa's guidance, he discovers the contemporary plastic. During 1985 and 1986 he attends classes in drawing and painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Sant Carles in Valencia. During the summer of 1987 he participates in the workshops about engraving at the School of International Graving in Calella, Barcelona. This same year he resides in the home and studio of the painter Antoni Miró, to whom he performs various editions of engravings. In 1993 he attends to the graphic course of Pastrana, Guadalajara (Spain), and during the summer of the same year he receives classes from the Romanian engravist Pavel Radoulovsqui in Madrid.

Since 1983 he is showing his work in numerous exhibitions, both individual and group, in some cities around the world: Valencia, Barcelona, Palma, Alacant, Madrid, Santander, Belgrade, Stuttgart, Vienna, Ghent, Tangier, Casablanca, Bergam...

His work is present in private and public collections, in the Spanish State and abroad.

Lately on, his creative world is centered in sculpture.